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HOW DO I . . .

  • Obtain a Library Card?

    New borrowers over the age of 18 years old are required to provide identification and proof of residence to obtain a free library card.  A valid identification card or driver’s license, with photo and Carroll County address will serve as proof of residency.  The following may serve as proof of address:

    • Pre-printed piece of mail with matching name and Carroll County address

    • Existing bank account check with pre-printed Carroll County address

    • Valid JCTCS school identification

    • Rent receipt with your name and Carroll County address

    • Valid library card from another library in the state of Kentucky (note:  that library will be contacted to verify you are a patron in good standing)

    • Voter Registration card with Carroll County address

    • Utilities receipt with Carroll County address

    -If no proof of Carroll County residency is available, patrons may pay a $10.00 out-of-county fee for one library card per family.

    -The use of the library and/or its services may denied for due cause.  Such cause may be failure to return library materials or to pay fines; destruction of library property; disturbance of other patrons; or any other objectionable conduct on library premises.


    New Library Cards for patrons ages 5-17

    Patrons 17 and under will require the signature of a parent or guardian and must be at least 5 years old to obtain a free library card.  By signing, the parent or guardian accepts responsibility to replace any lost or stolen materials and/or fines associated with the account.  They are also agreeing to allow their children to check out materials available in the library.  Books, audio books, music cd’s and magazines are available to all patrons regardless of age based on the Freedom to Read Act.  Movies and video games are circulated using a different standard (See Circulation of Materials).  Parents must assume the responsibility to monitor their children’s reading and listening material.

    To obtain a card, a minor must have:

    • Parent or guardian signature

    • The parent or guardian must have a valid library card in good standing

    • If parent does not have proof of residency, they can provide proof of registration in the Carroll County Public school system or Christian Academy of Carrollton.



  • Book a Meeting Room in the Library?

    The Carroll County Public Library (CCPL) offers the use of the Community Room, Children’s Activity Room and the Genealogy Room (limited use) to any person and/or non-profit group/organization regardless of beliefs or affiliations.  All meeting rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis by any librarian.  Should you have any questions and/or requests, please call the library at (502) 732-7020 or fax your request to (502) 732-7122.


    Reservation Guidelines:

    Reservations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, but not more than two months in advance.  Individuals booking the meeting room must be at least 21 years of age.  Teenage and children’s groups must have an adult sponsor, at least 21 years of age, present during the entire meeting.

    Rooms will not be scheduled before the library is open to the public and must end thirty minutes before the library closes to the public.


    The Genealogy Room is limited due to size (10 persons maximum) and on-going genealogy research by walk-in customers.


    Terms of Use

    -The contact person for the group is responsible for leaving the designated facility clean and for ensuring that the group’s members do not disturb other library patrons.

    -A $25 fee will be assessed against the group leaving the meeting room or kitchen in an untidy condition.  Staff will make a vacuum cleaner available as needed.

    -Food and Beverages may be allowed with the use of the room.  However, your group's contact person is responsible for clean-up and care of library facilities and use of the kitchen.

    -Individuals and/or groups are responsible for removing all items, including trash, at the end of each meeting.

    -Individuals and/or groups that stay past library closing time will may be responsible for at least at a $50 fee per hour to reimburse staff time.

     (For a more detailed explanation of Meeting Room Use, see Library Policy).


    Cancellation Policy:

    Please notify the Library in the event of a cancellation so that the room may be rescheduled.


    Process for Addressing Concerns & Complaints:

    The library reserves the right to revoke permission for use of any meeting room at any time.  Individuals or groups that believe they have been unjustly denied use or wrongfully limited in their use of the meeting room may discuss their situation with the Library Director, Hillary Arney at (502) 732-7020.


  • Place an Item on Hold?

    • Go to “Search” box on right-hand side of library’s home page.

    • Type in title of book or item and click “request”.  Follow instructions in pop-up box for logging onto your account.

    • Type in 14-digit library card number and PIN number which is the last four digits of library card.

    • Then, click “log on”.  A “Place a Request” box will appear.

    • Click the button for “I want the first available copy”.

    • Click “submit request” button.  To place multiple items on hold, repeat process.

  • Renew Items on My Account?

    To renew your materials online, click “My Account” and select renew my materials.  Enter your 14-digit library card number found underneath the barcode on your card and your password (the last 4 digits of your library card number).  Follow the online instructions.


    To renew by phone, call (502) 732-7020.  We can access your account either by typing in your last name or your library card number.


    To renew by email, send your request to , give either your name and surname, library card number, and the items you wish to renew.  You can also reply to any notice sent by e-mail with your request.


  • Find the Password for My Account?

    Your password defaults to the last four (4) digits of your library card number when your library account was set up.  If you wish to change your password, click on My Account and follow the online instructions.

  • Pay My Library Fine?

    Library fines can be paid by cash only at this time.  If you should have any questions, please contact us at (502) 732-7020.

  • Return Items if the Library is Closed?

    The library offers a book drop on the south side of the building for return of library materials.

  • Find Out when My Items are Due Back to the Library?

    • Go to “My Account” and type in the 14-digit number of your library card located on the back side and the last four (4) digits of your number for your PIN.

    • Click on “Current Loans” and to the right of that, click on the box beside “Titles” and then click above on the “Renew” button.


    Videos renew for three (3) days, if there are no holds.  Video games renew for 5 days, if there are no holds.  All other materials such as book, magazines, audio books,  music CDs renew for two weeks.

  • Request a Test Proctor?

    Proctoring a test must be requested in advance, please call the library at (502) 732-7020 to schedule.

  • Request an Obituary?

    To request an obituary, contact Ms. Martha Noffsinger (, Circulation Manager, Carroll County Public Library, 136 Court Street, Carrollton, Kentucky 41008 or by calling her at (502) 732-7020.

  • Make a Donation to the Library?

    The Carroll County Public Library accepts all donation on behalf of the CCPL Foundation.  They can be made in memory of a loved one and will be acknowledged in the library.  Donations of any amount are recorded in our Memory Book.  If the donation exceeds $100, it will be listed on a plaque at the Circulation Desk.  If the donation exceeds $250, it will be on memoriam in the foyer.  We can accept donations by mail (at 136 Court St., Carrollton, KY 41008) or in person.

  • What Services are Available at the Library?

    Carroll County Public Library offers the following service for the benefit of the public:

    Color Copiers

    The Library has color copiers. Black and white copies cost $0.10 per page. Color copies cost $0.25 per page. Local businesses also offer this service.


    Public computers with printing are available. (Black and white costs $0.10 per page, color is $0.25 per page.) You can save files to a storage device, and you may purchase 1 GB flash drives for $5.00.

    Fax Machine

    Faxes cost $0.50 for each page. Payments must be made by cash only.


    Self Service Scanner

    We provide a self service scanner that can send faxes at no charge. This requires you to have a valid email.  It can also send a copy to email, print, and save to usb devices.

    Internet Access

    Free Wi-Fi is available and we circulate laptops for use within the building.

    Meeting Rooms

    Meeting rooms are available for reservation.

    Notary Public

    Carroll County Public Library offers this service free of charge.

    Passport Applications

    Carroll County Public Library offers this service with a $25 service fee.  Other passport fees may apply. Click HERE for more information. Check or money order only.


PHONE: 502 - 732 - 7020  |  FAX: 502 - 732 - 7122






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